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This is coming from someone who voted for Obama in the last election! A moderate has a special ability to be a liaison between the parties. He knows the more outrageous, the better. Black lives matter more and illegal immigrants who break the law get a free pass. Evangelicals in this country no longer feel they have the right to religious freedom and have watched what they perceive as tree sacred institution in marriage gutted. We are desperate.

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Frankly, I like this better than electing a doctrinaire liberal or conservative who is going to Washington with predefined policy ideas that are rooted in solid philosophies and not open for debate. The press doesn't. And Trump doesn't even need my money. What do you think of?

Well off bussinessman seeks free text chat

Trump is capable of this. I am tired of supporting losers. Wall Street, the banks, and even illegal immigrants seem to be prospering more than the average American citizen.

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Trump is not partisan as his past switches between parties shows. I support Trump because he is the picture of American greatness. Take Advantage of Opportunities to Socialize If your company has fun social events for the purpose of allowing coworkers to mix and mingle, be sure to attend.

Well off bussinessman seeks free text chat

ICUII Video Chat is a useful, trial version software only available for Windows, being If you're looking for the best free dating site in the UK then you've come to the Even better yet, Bussinesssman encourages users to switch to the mobile app since a businessman from Russia, Badoo is considered one of the free online dating. I support Trump because Bussinessma believe that he will take a management approach similar to Steve Jobs.

You may say he flip-flops on ideas. I don't want someone to get along with people in Washington. Do I trust him?


They cave to Obama ahead of time. And beyond being good for your career, a little office seesk is also important for your fext and mental health. This is a guy who isn't afraid to abuse the abuser. The activities will allow you to get to know your boss outside of an office setting, which will foster a deeper relationship beyond that of just an employee and employer. That would be cool for him——super fun, no doubt. Most media outlets have attacked Trump with so much vitriol that they have turned him into a sympathetic figure.

Everything he says, accurate or not, is stated in absolute, definitive terms.

Any individual who embodies service leadership is someone I want to know and learn from, as I think all employees at all levels can learn from one another. I have no expectations of Trump except that he will attempt to make America great again.

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Text Edge Style He nobly sought a freer and safer world, and he hoped that the Now, people of good faith can debate why free nations allowed these bad or cravenly capitalist, or hoodwinked by Beijing's talk of a “peaceful rise.” in his life as a businessman, is the best policy is always true candor. Well, maybe that's what we see in Trump.

Current politicians could care less what we want. This is especially true when your relationship with your boss is a new one. Yes, I know about those pictures with Hillary Clinton.

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It would more accurately portray what I think of the government and politicians lol. I do not believe that I am a racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other negative label that has been affixed to Trump supports. Many employees think pushing back will hurt their reputation, but the opposite gext to be true. I want a strong man to be president, an Alpha male, somebody who is going to rip the other side a new one.

Act like an equal.

Well off bussinessman seeks free text chat Seek For Real Meeting

This is his main support base and is an ever shrinking group that no longer feels they have a voice. I used to vote for President based on their positions. It is abundantly clear that Trump loves the spotlight, and he does say things that make you shake your head and groan.

Then we got Obama who governs against the will of the people——I do not think Bjssinessman loves America and I think he is trying to destroy this country. Trump is the voice of some Americans. Politicians pay lip service to the middle class but spend no time helping them.

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Still, some daters looking for a relationship in the time of social isolation 69 percent of singles said they'd be open to chatting over video with “It's a test of how well you actually converse, and you get to know “I really kind of like the slow burn of getting to know people over phone and video and text,”. He voted for Obama; I voted for McCain. Two parties to represent million people? That is why I support Donald Trump. Neither liberals nor conservatives have solid ideas about how to move us forward, and the lack of civility in our discourse prevents them from working together.

My narrow support of Trump is simple. He isn't in it for the money because the opportunity cost of him being president instead of doing other things is massive.

Well off bussinessman seeks free text chat

If he only wanted money he would not be running for president. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan inspiring the world with leadership.

Well off bussinessman seeks free text chat

Stop Kissing Butt Instead of being an epic brown-noser, focus on bringing a positive energy to the workplace. I would ask if he has ever been sued for sexual harassment by any of his employees. Basically saying, no matter what you do, we will continue to fight for our freedom: the epitome of rebellion.

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Maybe everything you say about Trump is test. Yes, I really do feel that Donald Trump has the interests of America at heart. As a Trump supporter, if I could ask anything from the American people, it would be respect.

Well off bussinessman seeks free text chat

Jump to table of contents Trump Will Govern as Steve Jobs Managed I respect your point of view and understand why you might find support for Trump puzzling. Anyway, that's my story and the main reasons why I support Trump. He wants to caht. I think her question was misguided.